Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima

List Price: ¥5,000,000

Real Estate Agent Brokerage Fee: 3% + ¥66,000 + JCT (10%)

Akiya & Inaka Support Fee: ¥300,000 + JCT (10%)

Get on Up to the Samurai City

Aizuwakamatsu is one of Fukushima‘s most popular cities, and for good reason. It has well over a thousand years of exciting history as a frontier town important to the early development of Tohoku. Because of Aizuwakamatsu’s rich history, it is called The Samurai City.

Much of Aizuwakamatsu reflects this cultural development and activity. Immediately upon entering the city, even lightly experienced travelers of Japan may notice a familiar feel. Firstly, Aizuwakamatsu is surrounded by mountains and a nearby lake. Secondly, it has mixed architecture combining traditional, pre-modern, and modern styles. Thirdly, it is an historic seat of power.

Add all of this up, and it is easy to conclude that Aizuwakamatsu is the Kyoto of the North.

Experience Tohoku via Aizuwakamatsu

Tohoku is a wide, wonderful region of Japan that remains largely unexplored. However, just a quick peak will show you the region’s natural beauty, enticing cuisine, mysterious dialects, and much more. To this end, Aizuwakamatsu is an excellent example of just how much culture is tucked away in Northern Inaka. Additionally, is also an excellent jumping off point to further explore.

You’ll be surrounded by history of all kinds, prominent nature, and a conspicuous absence of distraction in Aizuwakamatsu. In short, you will be able to bask in and enjoy the present, away from the stressors of the Big City. Much like many other Tohoku locales, Aizuwakamatsu can be your salvation.

The Lakeside Castle of Aizuwakamatsu

Aizuwakamatsu is a very unique city, as we have outlined above, but we saved the best for last. If you choose to explore the area, you’ll also be right next door to Tsurugajo Castle, and Lake Inawashiro.

These are 2 of Japan’s heritage sites and are absolutely stunning. Fittingly, the Cherry Blossoms of Tsurugajo are unlike any we have ever seen elsewhere. Similarly, the fog that rolls over Lake Inawashiro from the mountains is out of a fairy tale. In Aizuwakamatsu, you’ll be living a dream.

Does Aizuwakamatsu sound like somewhere you’d like to settle down in? Or maybe a weekend getaway from the city? Great! Let’s talk about how to get you hooked up.

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