Kamakura, Kanagawa

List Price: ¥49,800,000

Real Estate Agent Brokerage Fee: 3% + ¥66,000 + JCT (10%)

Akiya & Inaka Support Fee: ¥996,000 + JCT (10%)

Capture Kamakura’s Creative Spirit

A Kamakura couple commissioned this house in 1974, an ideal place to raise a family.

Tucked away in a secluded neighborhood, the 2-story house is surrounded by plum trees (梅) and hydrangea (紫陽花), which does a pretty good job of obscuring the building from public sight.

It is situated on an elevated bit of land, and to get to the front door you must ascend a stone staircase, which terminates not at the front door but at the entrance to a small garden pathway leading to the vestibule.

Inside on the first floor, you’re greeted with a wide genkan that splits in three directions: to a study, a dining room, and a hallway taking you deeper into the house, past the stairway to the second floor. The latter 2 both ultimately lead to the kitchen, which is about three times the size of the typical Japanese kitchen, and features cupboards and central prepping island.

Up the stairs to the second floor, you will discover a number of bedrooms and living rooms, some in the traditional tatami styling, and others more Western. A bath & shower room faces the back of the property, looking out into lush green forest through wide windows, and there are front-facing verandas overlooking the rest of the city from the house’s high vantage point.

This house also sports a dark room for photo-processing, which could easily be unique in Kamakura and quite rare across Japan. Of course, you can also use the dark room for whatever you like, but for those of you with an interest in chemical processing, this could be a 1-in-a-million chance!

Kamakura, Considered

This property is in the northeast corner of Kamakura city limits. From Kamakura station, it is a 15 or so minute bike ride, and about a 30 minute walk. Along the way, you’ll be immersed in Kamakura’s storied local culture: fresh soba noodles and sushi prepared by families generations into their craft, centuries old temples frequented by the very highest echelon of Japan’s warlords, and corner benches with couples enjoying matcha ice cream, to name a few.

Kamakura is well-regarded for its austere and slow life – Countless establishments, such as the Kamejikan Guest House, are well known for this quality. This is part of the atmosphere of Kamakura that makes it a special place to live.

It goes without saying, but If you are looking for something right smack up against Kamakura Station, this isn’t it. If you’re interested in a place that feels more remote than it really is, where you can enjoy natural surroundings and neighborhood amenities, this might just be the property for you. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more!

Blueprint & Floor Plan

Cultural Kamakura

You’ll find this abode at the top of a gentle hill. Walking up the stone staircase at the property’s entrance, you are first greeted by a charming garden with various flora including two plum trees.

Around the back of the house and up a hill, you’ll find the Ten-en hiking trail, a scenic and historic trail along a ridge to two outdoor cafes in half an hour, near a splendid panoramic view of the entire bay, where on a fine day windsurfers are visible.

The surrounding neighborhood contains many notable restaurants featuring Japanese specialties such as sobasomen, and sushi. Near this property, our top pick is Ishigama Garden Terrace, an Italianesque villa repurposed as a cafe adjacent to the eponymous Jomyoji Temple that overlooks the city.

Kamakura being a temple town steeped in history, you’ll also have easy access to the nearby temples of Hokokuji and Zuisenji.

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