Real Estate Services

Real estate services in Japan

Enter the Inaka

Akiya & Inaka provides real estate services focused on rural Japan and the exceptional opportunities in vacant housing there. We take clients on a transformational journey, from exploration to purchase, and beyond, resulting in increased wellness, wider social networks, and a deeper bond with the natural world.

Find Your Akiya

Turnkey or Fixer-Upper?

Access our property database to take a look inside everything from humble bungalows to palatial estates.

Advice on the Properties Best for You

Whether you are looking to spend ¥5 million or ¥500 million, we work together with clients to develop expectations on costs associated with purchase, tax, renovation, and upkeep.

Discover Your Inaka

Location Hunting

Seaside, riverfront, forest, mountaintop, or farm, we research candidate areas based on your interests.

Choose the Right Area for You

We work with ancient kominka farmhouses, turnkey forest cabins, multi-story family houses and more. Come with us to find your home in the Japanese countryside.

Property Purchase Assistance

Akiya Hunting Trips and Local Inaka Tours

Explore candidate properties and areas with our experienced guides. You’ll view properties and learn about rural Japan’s local communities.

Bilingual Real Estate Transaction Support

From making an initial offer and price negotiation to concluding a real estate purchase contract, closing, and property registration, we offer full support in partnership with licensed broker STK Properties (Real Estate Brokerage Business License: Governor of Tokyo (13) No. 24269).

Asset Management Consulting

Are you concerned about tax, inheritance, and other implications of owning real estate in Japan? We provide advice and introductions to professionals who can help you with asset planning services.

Renovation & Repurposing

Collaborate with Architects, Engineers, and Tradespeople

Utilize our Japan-wide network of specialists who can help you turn your newly acquired akiya into a cozy country home.

Property Development Advisory

If you are looking to make a guesthouse, Airbnb, café, or whisky distillery, we can assist you in creation of feasibility studies, research into local zoning and regulation checks, and figuring out how to best achieve your goals and objectives.

Contact us today to learn more about how Akiya & Inaka can help you find your home in the Japanese countryside.