About Akiya & Inaka

Mt. Fuji in Japan

Japan: A Rural Wonderland

Akiya & Inaka is a resource and service for global citizens looking to stake their claim to a piece of rural Japan.

The Japanese countryside has become a global myth of sorts. News articles and blogs suggesting free houses in Japan have captured the world’s attention. However, the reality is less sensational: the properties are frequently inexpensive but rarely free, and buying property in Japan is a complicated process that requires specialized advice.

That’s where we come in. Akiya & Inaka was created to demystify our namesake:

Akiya – vacant properties, including, but not limited to, houses.

Inaka – the Japanese countryside, which refers to anywhere outside of metropolitan Japan.

Explore the Countryside of Japan

Our collection of articles are curated to serve as a resource to help people learn about exciting properties and alternative lifestyles.

Our services are designed to help clients approach the ins and outs of investing in rural real estate without the headaches, by providing detailed explorations of properties and the communities that form around them through our holistic approach.

Our goal is simple: finding your home in the Japanese countryside.

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