Japan: A Rural Wonderland

Akiya & Inaka helps global citizens stake their claim to a piece of rural Japan.

Via news stories espousing free houses in Japan over the last few years, Japan’s countryside is now a myth worldwide. However, there is more to these the acquisition process than reporting suggests!

These properties are frequently more inexpensive than they are free. Additionally, buying property in Japan is convoluted and requires specialized advice. Finally, there are the surrounding communities to consider. While the legends about Japanese rural property aren’t wrong, it can be a very complex process.

That’s where we come in. Akiya & Inaka was created to demystify our namesake:

Akiya & Inaka symbol

Akiya (noun)

Japanese: 空き家

Vacant properties including, but not limited to, houses. These occur in every place imaginable, from city center, to suburb, to…

Inaka (noun)

Japanese: 田舎

The Japanese countryside refers to anywhere outside of metropolitan Japan. Whereas Tokyo or Osaka has skyscrapers and nightclubs galore, inaka has a much more relaxed atmosphere.

Explore Japan’s Countryside

We designed our services to enable interested clients in explore the many opportunities in rural Japan. Our services include education on the ins and outs of rural real estate investment, detailed explorations of property and community dynamics, and, of course, assistance in the closing process.

Japanese real estate can be very convoluted, and that goes at least double for inaka property. By digging through Japan’s rural real estate, we have discovered how to easily land akiya. We provide this to you at a premium.

Our goal? To find you a home in the Japanese countryside to call your own.

Our Content Series on Property in Japan

We produce media, collect articles, and feature our nation-wide network of akiya enthusiasts. We hope these help you learn about opportunities and lifestyles in rural Japan!

Akiya Adventures

  • Follow us on a journey through cobwebs and yellowed shoji paper doors to discover diamonds in the rough – Japan’s akiya. We provide commentary on and images of properties in Japan that have caught out eye.

Inaka Living

  • Inaka Living is devoted to helping global citizens find their own piece of paradise in rural Japan. This series covers the best of Japan’s rural culture, traditions, food, music, art, history, and people.

Akiya Hunter

  • A YouTube series documenting our adventures in the countryside of Japan. We travel to rural communities to scope houses, sample local delicacies, share a beer with locals, and much more!

Who We Are

Akiya & Inaka is a service operated as an independent business unit of Tokyo-based Parthenon Japan, a consulting firm founded by Parker Allen.

Parker Allen

Parker Allen

"Akiya & Inaka Head Honcho" 

Parker is President & CEO of public relations firm Parthenon Japan, and co-host of the Tokyo Wave and Japan Unleashed podcasts. He also has vast experience in Japan’s notoriously difficult to navigate real estate market. Parker came to Japan in 2007 from Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he graduated from Tokyo’s Sophia University. Since then, Parker has been focused on supporting global firms in Japan. His experience spans strategic communications, government relations, and PR consulting.

Parker is an active participant in the Public Relations Society of Japan, the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan, and the America-Japan Society. He is also passionate about using communication to promote social good. Parker’s 2017 initiative to establish a sister city relationship between his hometown and Tono, Iwate is a shining example.

In addition to his work in communications, Parker has facilitated rental and purchase contracts for friends, colleagues, and clients since 2008. Moreover, he has even served as de-facto advisor on seeking, analyzing, and closing on Japanese real estate. His taste for adventure led him to drive, tour, and stay throughout the Kanto, Koshinetsu, and Tohoku regions. Relevantly, Parker is also an interior design and DIY otaku with hands-on experience renovating houses in Japan.

Parker is active on Twitter at @alleninc

Masato Sasaki

"Senior Advisor, Legal Services"

Masato Sasaki founded STK Legal in 2007 under the motto, “Some procedures are difficult, but nothing is impossible.” He is a licensed judicial scrivener accredited by Tokyo Summary Court, and heads STK Properties, Akiya & Inaka’s strategic partner for facilitating seamless real estate transactions involving people of foreign nationality, including those residing overseas.

Masato’s guiding force is his spirit to challenge complex procedures together with his team of 40 legal specialists and consultants. He is known in the legal services industry for his ability to deftly handle complex procedures that other firms cannot accomplish. The STK Group has offices in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Singapore.

Masato is a graduate of Chuo University and hails from Tokyo. He enjoys playing golf on the weekends.