Akiya in Inaka

Real estate agencies come in all shapes and sizes. There are many types, styles, sizes, and services. However, one thing that stays the same across agencies is their robust listings, and the conspicuous lack of quality akiya. A well-defined portfolio of high profile properties works well for a geographically focused organization financially incentivized to close.

We are not that organization, so we don’t care about listings much. Rather, we care about moving Japan’s abandoned properties into the hands of the right owners. Full stop.

The Japanese Government requires real estate agents to take a 3% commission on sale price. This means that agents have no other guaranteed revenue streams. Understandably, they then try to sell as expensive as they can. Akiya stump most real estate organizations for a number of reasons, a major one being that they are so cheap. For instance, a 3% commission on a ¥5,000,000 house isn’t much for all the work that would go into it.

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The State of the Akiya

This state of affairs produces unmotivated real estate agents. If you’ve ever heard anyone complaining about bad service for vacant properties, now you understand: it’s all work and no reward. But that’s only because no one has bothered challenging that system. Fortunately, we came along to do just that!

Akiya & Inaka has many services that we pride ourselves on, including custom akiya portfolios. Because there are so many abandoned properties in Japan, we have to learn client interests and use that to develop unique property profiles. After we acquire enough information, we then begin our hunt!

Our clients generally purchase 1 property at a time, though there are exceptions. As a result, we frequently have leftover, perfectly viable portfolio listings. We’re pretty big into recycling, so we decided to feature a few of them here!

Current Akiya Listings

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More Than Enough to Go Around

The listings featured on this page will change over time. But rest assured, all properties you see are good for those interested in exploring Japan’s countryside. Furthermore, that is the only reason why we list them. Contrary to standard practice, we are not affiliated with property management organizations that require us to push properties. Thus, everything you see here is here because we simply think they’re cool.

Sometimes we feature fixer-uppers, sometimes turn-key vacation homes, sometimes cabins. This is the result of our working so closely with clients: we know a lot of wacky properties. And that’s part of the fun with akiya! There are so many types out there, it’s nearly impossible to get tired of exploring the landscape.

So please take a look, and let us know if you find anything of interest!