Akiya Listings

Aerial view of Chiba prefecture, Nagara-cho property

Akiya in Inaka

Akiya & Inaka prides itself on working directly with our clients to produce custom portfolios of vacant properties, or akiya, in the Japanese countryside, or inaka. This means that we question each client at length about what it is their interested in in order to produce a proper profile to pursue.

As you would expect, our clients generally purchase 1 property at a time. This means that, even though we do a good bit of research with each engagement, there are frequently remaining portfolio listings leftover which are still perfectly viable for consideration.

More Than Enough to Go Around

Given that there are literally millions of these properties nationwide and that clients purchase 1 at a time, we necessarily produce massive back catalogues. It would be a waste to let them sit in the cloud gathering both digital and physical dust, so we present this list for those passively interested in the akiya market to browse.

This listing will change over time and will feature properties that we feel are particularly good for those interested in staking their claim in Japan’s countryside. That means that sometimes there will be fixer-uppers, sometimes there will be turn-key vacation homes, sometimes cabins, and much, much more. Part of the fun with akiya is that there are so many types out there, its nearly impossible to get tired of exploring the landscape.

So please take a look, and let us know if you find anything of interest!

fujikawaguchiko house 1
Kamimoku 1504 exterior shot
Chiba Nagara Main Annex 2
Jomyoji outside 2