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Are you interested in seeing what Japan’s inaka has to offer but don’t know where to start? Great! You’re not alone – that’s why we started Inaka Club: exclusive excursions where you can experience alternative lifestyles in Japan.

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Inaka Exploration

It’s no secret that country life is considerably different from the big city. While some may joke, in reality it’s nothing to scoff at! Inaka Club provides opportunities to engage in activities and experiences for first-hand insights into rural Japan.

  • Overnight hiking trips near Nikko
  • Organic farm workaway packages in Sagamihara
  • Private mountaintop house parties in Yugawara
  • Ocean fishing excursions in Atami
  • Craft beer experiences in Tono


Swimming in Nikko

Discover New Horizons

Along the way, we hope to introduce you to the crisp, clean lifestyles found outside of the big city. On top of that, you’ll also you’ll learn new skills as the experience progresses. We will also introduce you to concepts that are frequently paid lip service but rarely see much meaningful action on in the city.

For example, we introduce concepts such as:


Cooking at Fujino

Start Your Adventure Today!

There are many benefits to leaving the city for the countryside such as networking, exercise, and peace of mind. Because of this, Inaka Club members have a chance for real personal and social development on a physical and emotional level.

If that sounds good to you, start your adventure now by getting in touch with us through the form below!

We can’t wait to bring you with us to the wonders of the Japanese countryside!


Farming in Japan

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Featured Experience

Find Your Inner Goat

What better way to familiarize yourself with inaka than to come with us and experience the fresh air, reclaimed farmland, and wily goats of Izu Peninsula!

We’ll show you the ropes and then some, and make sure you leave with memories galore.