Nippon TV Picks Up the Hunt

Nippon TV picked up what we’re throwing down! The nice folx at Mominoki in Minakami, Gunma recommended us to them, and they approached us about a show. We are best known among international audiences, but are getting more & more interest from domestic media.

Akiya & Inaka is quickly becoming a leading service at the forefront of Japan’s empty house issue! On September 5, we were featured in a 10-minute segment on Nippon TV’s news every, a weekly news program that features breaking news and the latest trends.

Below is an English summary of the program:

Traveling the Archipelago

Follow the American Vacant House Hunters!

What is the charm of “good old” Japanese buildings?! A horikotatsu (a heated table with a hole in the floor). “Nice!” Matt, an American, expressed enthusiastically as he was viewing an old Japanese house for sale.

Allen, another American who is Matt’s colleague, was also impressed by the horikotatsu. He was also delighted to see the hanging scrolls left in the house. The two foreigners are experts on traditional Japanese houses.

They are vacant house hunters who love old Japanese houses so much that they have turned it into a business. They travel Japan looking for vacant houses in the countryside. Once they find a Japanese-style property that a client likes, they make an introduction.

The Dynamic Duo

Nippon TV Takes a Look at Who Akiya & Inaka is

One half of the duo, Matt, came to Japan 14 years ago as an English teacher and fell in love with old Japanese houses. As a hobby, he explored Japan looking for good vacant properties and saw over 1,000. He continues to research vacant houses across Japan and compiles them in his own database.

On the other hand, Allen, always in suit and tie, came to Japan 16 years ago to study abroad. This left a strong impression on him, and he moved to Japan in part because of that experience. He loves Japanese houses and culture and has a wealth of knowledge.

The two started the “vacant house business” two years ago. The spread of the pandemic was the catalyst. They decided to start Akiya & Inaka to take advantage of their combined experience.

They take videos of their travels and post them on YouTube, and now they receive many requests from clients overseas. So, what kind of vacant houses are popular? Hearing that there were attractive old vacant houses, we accompanied the two to a local area. Come with us to find out what the charms of old Japanese houses are?