The End of an Era, and onto the Next Adventure

To our clients, fans, and colleagues,

Today, co-founder Matt Ketchum announces his departure from Akiya & Inaka.

First, a message from Matt to the Akiya & Inaka community:

Over the past 3 years, working alongside Parker to build Akiya & Inaka has been an outstandingly inspiring journey. Together, we embarked on what many considered mission impossible: to meaningfully reshape the relationship between rural Japan and the world. That mission extended beyond mere financial motivations, and has, at its heart, always been one to support the rejuvenation of Japan’s inaka. 

We assisted clients in uncovering previously undiscoverable properties across the country, and in doing so, helped breathe new life into these areas. Through our stalwart efforts, we created content that was both entertaining and enlightening, and which led to equitable financial transactions supporting these communities. The recognition we received, including features in domestic and international publications such as the New York Times, Nikkei, and the Toronto Star, was a much appreciated – and surprising – acknowledgment of our efforts.

It is my firm belief that A&I did, and still does, walk the talk of rural revitalization.

However, every professional journey sees its paths fork and evolve. With a mix of gratitude and reflection, I wish to announce my decision to depart from the Akiya & Inaka venture. This step, although significant, arises from deeply personal and professional considerations, and I wish to emphasize that this transition is made with mutual respect and understanding between Parker and myself.

Given the admittedly gargantuan magnitude of our aspirations with A&I, it’s astounding to reflect upon how much we’ve accomplished in such a short span. The sense of pride I feel for our collective efforts is greater than I can easily convey through words.

As I commence this new chapter, I am accompanied by a great sense of gratitude and motivation. The ethos and drive of A&I remains a great source of inspiration, and I wholeheartedly believe in its mission. I’m excited and optimistic about the venture’s future trajectory and look forward to seeing the heights it will achieve based on these foundational efforts.

We will miss Matt’s presence from Akiya & Inaka. I would like to thank Matt for his partnership over the past three years, being relentless in our constant hunt for the best deals in rural real estate, and being an integral part of getting A&I to where we are today. While he embarks on a new adventure, Matt and I are good friends and I’m sure that his next venture will be awesome. You can follow Matt on Instagram at @matthewbketchum or stay on top of his adventures through his newsletter

Looking forward, Akiya & Inaka’s adventure continues. We are expanding our team of akiya hunters and establishing deeper partnerships with rural communities, as we continue to fulfill our mission of bringing you the best of what inaka has to offer and helping our clients find homes, investments, and business opportunities in the Japanese countryside.

Thank you for being a part of this ongoing journey.

With regards,

Parker Allen

Co-founder, Akiya & Inaka