Experience Inaka First-Hand

We started Akiya & Inaka because we saw an opportunity, not to sell a bunch of cheap houses, but to use those cheap houses as a diving board into a wider world of experiences, culture, and business.

Tokyo has historically proven to be only so good a place for entrepreneurial pursuits. With rigid business practices, high cost of living, and a hardware mindset, it is difficult for new ideas to get off the ground there. While we wouldn’t make the case that it is easy to pursue entrepreneurial activities in rural Japan, there are far fewer major hurdles to establishing oneself. But this is, of course, a Big Step to take from the comfort of the Big City.

That got us thinking… a hands-on experience about making it in inaka would be nice!

The Rural Solution

Kaori & Byron live out in Fujino, Kanagawa, a rural community with a well-known history as an artistic enclave for the more enterprising spirits of the Kanto region. They run the organic Kasamatsu Farms, and operate the lovely Yokomura Eco-lodge in a renovated kominka. They have also come on board with A&I to host experiences for Inaka Clubbers!

Their activities on the outskirts of Tokyo are some of the most impressive we’ve seen thus far, but they have a dark secret: they come from Tokyo Big Business.

That’s right, folks, get in on this experience and you’ll be working with people behind a sprawling organic farm, hand-renovated akiya B&B, and *much* more who came from the city, just like you.

Which should make you say, “huh. I bet they’d be great to talk to!” And you’d be right!

Fujino farm

Walk the Talk

A lot of the articles about akiya and inaka swirling around out there are fun but lack nuance. And we get it: there’s a lot to be attracted to. Free houses, off-the-grid living, improved quality of life – it’s all good stuff. But the thing the articles miss is that there’s a correct way to do it. Not everywhere is well-suited to your particular needs, nor are all akiya $500 (and we say don’t bother with those).

And so what better way to learn how to extract yourself from the city than going to experience it yourself with a successful couple with 7 years hands-on prior experience?

Connect with Kaori & Byron, and they will show you wonders. From starting your own farm to the intricacies of early education and everything in between. If you’ve got questions about how to live a different kind of life, experience this and you’ll have the resources to answer them yourself.

Farming at Fujino Farm

The Experience

There are a lot of lifestyle options living outside of the big city – its not just one big, homogenous inaka. You can go suburban, ex-urban, rural, feral, or anything in between. Byron is here to give you a hands on experience learning how to approach that via the magnificent kominka he is building out of local lumber and tsuchikabeThere is literally no better way to get your hands dirty in inaka than this.

  • DIY Workshop

    Get hands-on experience with building traditional structures in rural Japan.

  • Learn from Inaka Masters

    Kaori & Byron have been at this for years and have so much to show you!

  • Stay at a Renovated Kominka

    Rest comfortably in the spectacularly renovated Yokomura Eco-lodge!

  • Private Chef & Local Cuisine

    Sample Fujino’s finest cuisine prepare by local chefs.

  • Take Home a Taste of the Countryside

    At Kasamatsu Farms, you’ll always find something delicious. Take their produce home to delight your friends!

  • Bring the Kids!

    This is a 100% family friendly experience, so come one, come all!

Byron with carrots

This is how it starts. At Kasamatsu Farms and Yokomura Eco-Lodge, you will learn everything you need to know and then some to not just survive outside of Tokyo, but to thrive. Once you return from your adventure, we guarantee you’ll be telling friends and colleagues left and right about the amazing worlds you’ve discovered.

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