Japan is Full of Goats

Our goal with Inaka Club is to lower the bar for experiencing Japan’s magical countryside. It’s a wide-open space full of possibility, but just deciding on what to do can be difficult. To help out with that, we’ve developed offerings based clients’ interests.

There are a lot of factors that go into creating an experience during Coronatime, safety being first and foremost. Regions outside of the major metro area sufficiently depopulated but still within reasonable distance are our target.

Fortunately, Japan is full of rural regions, so there’s no problem there. The next thing to address is what people want, and there’s a decent list. After pondering many options, we think that we’ve hit on something truly unique, and that should get you riled up for a Corona-resistant adventure in Inaka: goats.

We Got Some Goats

Our office is located in Omotesando, but Akiya Hunter Matt Ketchum lives south of Tokyo, in Kanagawa’s Yugawara. To be perfectly honest, we’d be phonies if at least one of us didn’t live in inaka while promoting it, so yeah, we’re the real deal.

Just as we say, so we do, and Matt’s integrated with the local community. There, he learns about inaka lifestyles, scopes out killer akiya, and has even significantly reduced his chances of contracting Coronavirus.

Matt’s also managed to get pretty well-acquainted with Japanese wildlife. Macaque monkeys, wild boar, deer, and more, Japan’s a pretty wild place once you escape the city.

As it turns out, there’s also a huge amount of goats. Naturally, he started collecting them.

Matt with a goat in a car

Get Your Goat

Outside of the city, Japan is pretty agricultural. Sure, there’s rice, but also a lot of livestock. Often enough, there’s too much livestock, and owners happily part with the surplus for a small price if not for free.

Now, we’re not saying that everyone should have a goat. Just like any other pet, goats come with their share of responsibilities. But what we are saying is… we can get you a goat.

But, just like akiya, you need to kick the tires, as it were, right? Right. So, if you’re crazy like A&I is and are thinking about goat ownership but want to test it out first, come on down to lovely Yugawara! We’ll show you the ropes, with the hope of getting you familiar with one of the most confusing, cantankerous, and exciting animals around!

Matt with a goat in Tochigi

The Package

Owning a goat isn’t that complicated, but it’s also not perfectly simple. It is, however, an awesomely rewarding experience and everyone will love you for being the quirky goat person.

Come with us and we’ll show you such wonders.

  • Pictures with Goats

    A picture with a goat is worth 1,000 laughs. Get in on the action.

  • Master Goat Herding

    This suckers are stubborn as hell. Be one with the goat, and they will follow.

  • Learn How to Acquire a Goat

    We’ll guide you through the goat getting process to ease your worries.

  • Relax in Inaka

    Visit us in Yugawara, and you’ll get your goat experience and then some!

Private transportation. Masks. Fresh air. Controlled environments. Extremely limited human contact and applied social distancing. Goats. We live in weird times, and weird times call for weird measures.

Matt with a goat in Saitama

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