Onjukudai 244-4, Onjuku, Chiba

List Price: ¥45,000,000

Management fee: ¥5,683 (monthly)

Special management deposit: ¥300,000 (one-time)

Real Estate Agent Brokerage Fee: 3% + ¥66,000 + JCT (10%)

Akiya & Inaka Support Fee: ¥900,000 + JCT (10%)

Onjuku: The Entrance to Minami Boso

Onjuku is a charming coastal town located in the Chiba Prefecture of Japan, about 80 kilometers southeast of Tokyo. It is an ideal destination for those looking to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and embrace a more laid-back lifestyle in the countryside. There are many lifestyle options available that appeal to someone who is seeking a slower pace of life.

A spacious residence built for full time living

Built in 2017 by the present owner, this house was constructed domestic high-quality lumber at a total cost of over ¥70,000,000 for the land, main building, separate warehouse, security equipment, and exterior construction costs.

Located within the Seibu Onjuku Green Town development, there is a nice community of both villa owners and full-time residents, including many foreign owners.

The owner, who works with Japan Railways, built this home as a permanent residence, but has decided to sell as his work will relocate him to Tohoku for maintenance on the Tohoku Shinkansen.

Main Floor Plan


This property has a 35 square meter wood deck, constructed with 100% domestic keyaki lumber, which has been painted every year for preservation.

It also has a wood-burning stove and solid sakura hardwood floors, adding to the top-tier quality of the house. The 2nd floor and roof are solid Akita pine, giving this home a modern yet traditional Japanese design aesthetic. The house also has a Toto jacuzzi bath, full kitchen, and other conveniences to add to the new owner’s comfort. This is truly a turn-key property

The adjacent corner lot was recently inherited by owners who do not intend to build there, so there is also the possibility of purchasing the land for additional space.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Life in Onjuku is full of activity, with several beautiful beaches perfect for swimming & sunbathing, and is known for its surfing conditions; The surrounding mountains offer stunning views, and Mount Nokogiri and Mount Atago are popular hiking destinations; Cycling is a popular activity, with scenic routes such as the Onjuku Kaisuiyoku Cycling Road.

There are also many factors to the local lifestyle which can be appreciated. The town has several hot springs that offer a relaxing experience, including the Kominato Onsenkyo and Shirahama Onsen. Onjuku’s Fireworks, Hina Matsuri, and Kite Festivals are also extremely popular

Like many rural towns, Onjuku also has a tight-knit community, with many local events and activities that bring residents together. The local cuisine is also revered for its fresh seafood, especially tuna, and traditional Japanese dishes.

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