Buy Akiya with Peace of Mind

It is no understatement that there are millions of abandoned or vacant properties across Japan for you to buy. The specific numbers are hard to come by, as we’ve pointed out before, but make no mistake: they’re out there.

But despite their numbers, they have historically been very hard to buy. Why is that? Great question, with a very complicated answer that we won’t lay out in detail here. Suffice it to say, there are issues related to data governance, cultural narratives, and standard practice that create a significant barrier to entry for all but the most persistent buyers.

This is where we come in: to help you easily locate, vet, and buy akiya that are right for you.

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Buyer Services

Phase 1: Research

  • Portfolio Curation

    Work with us to create property profiles that we will then hunt down, case, and deliver reporting on.

  • Financing Advisory

    Akiya financing is very possible, though there are details to pay attention to and processes to conduct correctly.

  • Your Very Own Inaka Concierge

    Whatever you want to buy, we’ll help you understand the breadth of opportunity and particulars of rural Japan.

  • Cost

    ¥200,000 for initial 5-property portfolio curation, ¥30,000 per additional property.

Phase 2: Acclimatization

  • On-site Visits

    Come with us to explore properties of interest, either in-person or virtually.

  • Property Due Diligence

    Cross-referencing existing documentation, locating missing reports, reviewing hazard maps, and more, our team will track down every last detail about your a candidate property to ensure it is of the highest quality before you buy.

  • Buyer Representation

    We make it easy to buy akiya, so sit back, relax, and let us handle the intricacies of property deal negotiations for you!

  • Cost

    ¥120,000 + expenses (ex. gas, accommodations, etc.) per day

Phase 3: Brokerage

  • Judicial Scrivener Services

    We are partnered with real estate agency STK Properties (Real Estate Brokerage Business License: Governor of Tokyo (13) No. 24269), subsidiary of STK Group, to take you through the procedure to buy akiya as painlessly as possible.

  • Document Review

    Japanese real estate documents are notoriously dense – work through them with us to make sure they have your best interests covered when you buy.

  • Inheritance

    Work with our partner Legacy Tomodachi to ensure that your properties stay in the right hands.

  • Cost

    Price on Request

House in mountains of Japan

Let’s Talk!

Hey there. Good job making it all the way to the bottom of the page – that makes you a qualified lead!

If you’re considering our services for the first time, chances are you haven’t bought an akiya before. We know you’re interested in akiya because, well, you’re here, so we gotta ask: how come you haven’t already bought one?

Let us answer that rhetorical question bluntly: because it’s a pain in the ass.

We’ll be the first to state that if you buy akiya through us, you will be paying more than if you did it yourself. But would you rather pay less for property you’re uncertain of, or a bit more for something that is verifiably awesome?

That’s not rhetorical. You need to be able to answer that confidently. But if the answer is “yes,” then get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

And if you’ve already worked with us? What are you waiting for, let’s get going!