Kawahake 1150, Showamura, Gunma

List Price: ¥9,800,000

Real Estate Agent Brokerage Fee: 3% + ¥66,000 + JCT (10%)

Akiya & Inaka Support Fee: ¥300,000 + JCT (10%)

Kawahake, Showamura: Deep Inaka

Showamura, or Showa Village, stretches along the Akagi Mountains and is known for being one of Japan’s major producers of konnyaku, as well as its local highland vegetables and rich nature. People enjoy fishing for ayu (sweetfish) along the Tone and Katashina Rivers while enjoying panoramic views of the Joshinetsu Mountains.

With a local hot spring and sports facilities, Showamura is a great place to enjoy the slow life, 80 minutes by car from central Tokyo.

The Kawakaku neighborhood is serviced by Kawamoto Station on the JR Joetsu Line, which is 42 minutes via train to JR Takasaki Station and Shinkansen access to Tokyo.

Showa’s best, still shining 44 years later

Usually when one thinks of a traditional Japanese homestead, they picture a 140 year old farmhouse surrounded by rice fields. Unfortunately, this neglects the reality that homes of such age are few and their condition is usually not livable, and also negates the reality that a lot of Japan’s finest move-in ready homesteads are actually of more recent vintage.

This house is a prime example. Built in 1979, as the residence of a prominent local dentist, this house has all of the charms and craftsmanship of a home 3x its age. During Japan’s economic boom the money flowed, and people of means in rural areas often made a point of building a stately Japanese or Western-style home to celebrate their success.

Well kept since the matron moved into assisted living 3 years ago, this house features well-kept Japanese trees and shrubs, the hallmark of a notable Japanese homestead, and has enough land for the gentleman farmer.

Now being sold by the family’s son, who has followed in his family’s footsteps and continues to operate the local dentist’s office, this house is a smart acquisition for anyone looking to preserve Japan’s postwar Showa architectural heritage.

Gunma: The Governor is a Guitarist and an IT Advocate

At Akiya & Inaka, we are big fans of Gunma Prefecture. We have sold property to clients who love it there, and we know the Governor is cool because we’ve met him and his team.

A former Member of Parliament who successfully ran for the Governorship of his home prefecture a few years back, Gov. Ichita Yamamoto is a down to earth statesman who has his own YouTube channel, speaks English, and is extremely proactive in luring IT firms to Gunma.

While other prefectures in Japan are struggling to get back on track as the threat of depopulation looms, Gunma is an outlier in that it has thriving industry, great outdoor activities from rock climbing to winter sports and even bungee jumping, and some of Japan’s best hot springs.

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