Featured image of Yugawara Ryokan articleAkiya & Inaka
Featured image for Shizuoka articleAkiya & Inaka

Shizuoka & Thoreau-ly Appealing Cabins

Take a trip with us metalheads down to Shizuoka to explore a woodland cabin and enjoy the charbroiled flavors of Yugawara barbecue!
Tono trailerAkiya & Inaka
Geisha gardenAkiya & Inaka 2020

Gokurakuji & The Corona Geisha

Join Akiya Hunter Matt in a trip down to Kamakura, where he explores geisha culture and stays the night at Geisha house Tsuki no Kage Tei!
Featured image of Jomyoji stairsAkiya & Inaka

Jomyoji & The Serendipitous Encounter

Matt & Parker headed down to Jomyoji to check out a local artist's homestead, and ended up finding much more. Coincidences about in inaka!
Featured image of Yugawara Ryokan articleAkiya & Inaka

Yugawara & The Repurposed Ryokan

Ryokan are Japan's traditional inns, and frequently feature hot springs. But Kris down in Yugawara is taking his ryokan in a different direction