Sell Your Property with Grace

Accepted real estate practice in Japan has a big problem with anything that isn’t extremely expensive. It’s right there in the government edict saying real estate agents must take a 3% commission if they sell a property. It’s not like agents want to hate on non-mega estates, they were just born into a system that necessitates it.

Often, this state of affairs is accepted as a matter of fact. That is unfortunate, because it’s demonstrably not. How do we know? Because we do it.

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Seller Services

Phase 1: Preparing the Property

  • Deep Interior Clean

    This is about as basic as it gets. If your property isn’t in good order, it’s not going to move fast or at all.

  • Landscaping

    Similar to the interior clean, but outside. Seriously, if you can’t do this, don’t bother trying to sell.

  • Media Production

    We’ve picked up a few tricks while running around rural Japan filming akiya. We’ll make your property shine in photos and video.

  • Cost

    ¥100,000 per day

Forty houses don't sell

Phase 2: Listing Advisory

  • Legal Review

    With our partner STK Properties, we will comb through every relevant property detail to eliminate all bottlenecks on the path to sell.

  • Property Survey

    Existing structures and the land itself must be well documented if you want to catch the eye of motivated buyers.

  • Listings

    Once documentation is complete, we’ll send that package to Japan’s national real estate database, REINS, which all other platforms like Suumo or At Home pull from. We’ll also set you up with an official Akiya & Inaka listing!

  • Cost

    ¥300,000 upon engagement, ¥50,000 per month.

Its not hard to sell a house

Phase 3: Lead Generation

  • Content Production

    The vast majority of people trying to sell property have a very lazy approach to it. We keep your assets front and center until they sell.

  • SEO

    If you can’t search for it, you can’t find it. We make sure listings rank well across all search engines.

  • Cost

    Starting at ¥50,000 per month.

Target audiences sell houses

It’s Time to Sell

Too often we come across owners complaining about how their property doesn’t sell. The fact is, they’re doing it wrong. You can’t just half-ass the sale of something as major as a house, and yet here we are. There are literally millions of houses for sale across Japan that sit there simply because owners and agents alike are steadfast in their commitment to a proven broken methodology.

If you like dealing with mismatched leads, disinterested agents, and long waits,  go ahead and talk to Homes, Asahi Kasei, Livable, or literally any other real estate agency in Japan. They all operate the same.

If you like to sell quickly and efficiently, talk to us.