Nippon TV Akiya & Inaka featureNippon TV

Nippon TV Picks Up the Hunt

Nippon TV featured us on their September 5th, 2022 episode of news every, a daily nationally broadcast news program.
Toji Shrine in Kyoto at night.Akiya & Inaka

Kyoto Charm in a Repurposed Flower Shop

Hidden in the backstreets of Kyoto lies Ayame-an, a charming machiya recently renovated by a private investor.
Yugawara at nightAkiya & Inaka

NFT Experiment

Akiya & Inaka supports technological experimentation as a means to uncover new business opportunities. Our most recent? An Inaka NFT series.
Drone shot of YugawaraAkiya & Inaka

A Brief History of Business, Part I

On our 1 year anniversary, we thought we'd look back and reflect on where we've come over the year and where we're headed from here.
Mt Fuji akiyaAkiya & Inaka

$500 Houses in Japan – Fact or Fiction

$500 houses in Japan? The 2021 akiya newscycle is upon us, and this time around it's honing in on a very specific price point. Let's dig in!
Kintsugi featured imageMotoki Tonn

Kintsugi Reconsidered

Kintsugi is the Japanese practice of mending broken pottery with lacquer infused with precious metals - what an apt metaphor for akiya!
Cabin in Japan

Renovation & Rural Japan

Renovation is very often a part of the akiya journey, but it doesn't have to be expensive, scary, or a hassle. Come with us to learn more!
Bitcoin featured

Cryptocurrency Accepted!

Cryptocurrency has been around since 2009 and it's time we saw it do something cool. We now accept cryptocurrency for akiya research!
Akiya & Inaka

Lifestyle Level-Up

Rural Japan offers much in the way of alternative lifestyle - come with us to explore all the options available to start your journey!