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Takayama property exterior view

Protected: 123 Asamicho, Takayama, Gifu

Welcome to a life less ordinary! Nestled in the natural beauty of Takayama, Gifu, Japan, this delightful one-story Japanese "ranch" style property beckons you to a world where tradition meets modern comfort. Experience the allure of rural Japan, with its stunning scenery, myriad activities, and inviting community.

Protected: Saruhashi, Otsuki, Yamanashi

This house is a fine example of early post-war construction. Featuring a kawara tile roof and retaining most of its original design elements and fixtures, this building is like a time slip back 70+ years into a charming setting complete with hand-carved fixtures.
Kita Karuizawa exterior entrance

(Sold) Kita Karuizawa, Gunma

Uncover the tranquil haven that awaits you in Kita-Karuizawa, situated in Japan's esteemed Gunma Prefecture. Nestled just beyond the bustling heart of the famed resort town of Karuizawa, this impeccable turnkey property
Nirasaki exterior

Protected: Seitetsucho, Aoki 1377, Nirasaki, Yamanashi

Experience the rich history and vibrant community of Nirasaki, Yamanashi, Japan, through the doors of this enchanting akiya. Nestled in the Kofu Basin, this property offers a unique blend of city life and natural tranquility, setting the stage for a welcoming and steady community to call home​.
Exterior of a beautiful traditional home in Mitane, Akita, Japan

Protected: Shinden-3-142, Mitane, Akita

Welcome to Mitane, a charming town in the idyllic northwestern Akita Prefecture, bordered by the Sea of Japan. Here, amidst a serene agricultural community rich in cultural heritage and natural beauty, a well-preserved traditional home from the 1980s invites you to embark on a new adventure​1.
Koshigoe Exterior

Protected: Koshigoe 563-2, Ogawa, Saitama

Nestled beside the serene Tsuki River in the Koshigoe District of Ogawa, Saitama, this idyllic location offers a harmonious blend of tranquility, nature, and cultural richness. The lifestyle benefits of living in such an area are countless, providing residents with ample opportunities to connect with the surrounding beauty and indulge in local customs.
Nakanoto exterior

Protected: Ha-8 Notobekami, Nakanoto, Ishikawa

Nestled in the enchanting Ishikawa Prefecture, Nakanoto beckons with its serene atmosphere and rich cultural heritage. This hidden gem in Japan's scenic Hokuriku region offers the perfect opportunity to experience an authentic Japanese lifestyle, complete with a beautiful, traditional Japanese house, or kominka.
Chosei exterior

Protected: Hongo 3187, Chosei, Chiba

Situated in Chiba Prefecture, Chosei District is a hidden gem offering a harmonious blend of urban amenities and rural tranquility.
Miyakami property exterior